Odisha: Teacher’s training

Child-Centered Learning

We are a team of two who volunteered to help a school in Daspur, Odisha. It is a small village with beautiful people around. I was in awe when I met the people especially the hardworking teachers. We had a four days training to educate the teachers with basic teaching strategies and eventually nutured them in child-centered way of teaching.

Day 1: NLP, Child-Centered Teaching into and Skills of a 21st century educator.

Day 2: Lesson Plan, Project Based Learning and Story Telling.

Day 3: Being a Facilitator, Learning Ambience and Classroom Norms.

Day 4: Child Rights and Guide to a facilitator.

These were the subjects thought during our trainings. I was amazed to see the enthusiasm of the leraners in that village. Teaching is really an art but every art needs a little motivation and encouragement. We are here to disciple the generations with a heartful teaching which will last forever.

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